VIN: 028225
MAKE: Harley-Davidson®

Feast your eyes on the Breakout® motorcycle’s glittering High Output Twin Cam 103B™ engine, waiting to send mountains of torque to that meaty 240mm rear tire. The profile is low, stretched out and undeniably aggressive. We top it with drag bars. This one lives to defy gravity and everything else.

Authentic Styling

Get an eyeful of a Softail® motorcycle and you see more than some weepy-eyed exercise in nostalgia. You’re looking at the kind of style that has the power to defy time. Honest. Uncluttered. Unaffected by the fad of the moment. There’s a good reason for this. We’ve used our long decades on the road, riding, wrenching, talking to other custom bike fanatics, to discover what works. Then we stick with it, and use it to push the boundaries of motorcycle design ever further. Take a look at the horseshoe oil tank adorning our Softail models. It’s the same one you’d see on a restored dresser from the ‘50s, or a radical Panhead chopper from the ‘70s. And you’ll find it right now on future Harley-Davidson® models that still on the drawing board. Other companies may be content to imitate bits and pieces from our long history. On a Softail motorcycle every part down to the axle nut cover comes from an authentic tradition. With a genuine reason for looking the way it looks.

Iconic Engine

The air-cooled 45° V-Twin engine at the heart of every Softail model is a prime example of what makes a Harley-Davidson motorcycle more satisfying than anything else. Its clean, uncluttered shape fits perfectly in the downtubes of the frame. Twist the throttle and the surge of torque hits you exactly where it counts. The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it’s been put to particular good use to power the Softail family. We counterbalance the engine, which means we can bolt it directly to the frame. It keeps the styling tight at the center of the bike. It lets the rider feel the pulse of the V-Twin. With the High Output Twin Cam 103B™engine, there aren’t any vibrations rattling the fillings out of your teeth. More power is always a Harley-Davidson tradition.


If you’ve never experienced a Harley-Davidson® Softail®motorcycle, it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing. The venerable Softail frame has logged untold millions of miles, and we’ve put every one of them to good use. The result: one of the most fun rides in all of motorcycling. We’ve spent the years making the frame stiffer, the geometry more balanced and the braking more precise. The dazzling wheels are wrapped in premium Dunlop rubber. The low seats give you a confident feeling of being a part of the motorcycle. Get out on a rolling stretch of backcountry highway and it all comes together. The crisp and responsive ride. The killer looks. As long as we build motorcycles like this having a good time will never go out of style.


The authentic look of a Softail motorcycle comes from the days before anyone knew much about building a suspension. The rigid hardtail frames of yesteryear had a pure, uncluttered look that riders still love. But the bone-rattling ride meant your grandpa needed to strap on a kidney belt to keep his internals intact. The Softail family uses modern technology to consign the kidney belt to the museum. We've kept all the modern comforts where they belong—below the surface of a rad bike loaded with authentic style. You get the classic lines of a vintage "hardtail" frame with the horizontal rear shocks hidden in the guts. It's a signature rigid look, and you'll only find it on a Softail model.

Model Year2017
Riding Style
Length95.7 in.
Laden Seat Height24.7 in.
Unladen Seat Height25.8 in.
Ground Clearance4.3 in.
Rake Steering Head35
Trail 5.7 in.
Wheelbase 67.3 in.
Front Tire Size130/60B21 63H
Rear Tire Size 240/40R18 79V
Fuel Capacity5 gal.
Oil Capacity 3.5 qt.
Weight Shipped 678 lb.
Weight Running Order 707 lb.
Luggage VolumeN/A
Luggage WeightN/A
EngineAir-cooled, High Output Twin Cam 103B™
Bore 3.87 in.
Stroke 4.374 in.
Displacement 103.1 cu in
Compression Ratio9.6:1
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Primary Drive Train Chain, 34/46 ratio
1st Gear Ratio 9.311
2nd Gear Ratio 6.454
3rd Gear Ratio4.793
4th Gear Ratio3.882
5th Gear Ratio 3.307
6th Gear Ratio 2.79
ExhaustStaggered, straight cut chrome mufflers with gloss black muffler shields
Wheel OptionGloss Black Turbine with machined highlights
Front Wheel TypeGloss Black Turbine with machined highlights
Rear Wheel TypeGloss Black Turbine with machined highlights
Caliper Type4-piston fixed front; 2-piston floating rear
Brake4-piston fixed front; 2-piston floating rear
Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Engine Torque 99.5 ft-lb
Engine Torque RPM 3,000
Lean Angle Right23.4
Lean Angle Left 23.4
Fuel Economy42 mpg
Electric LightingHigh beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, security system (optional), 6-speed, low fuel warnings, low battery, ABS
Electric GaugesClean tank console with a riser mounted speedometer